Right-of-Way Services


Ulteigā€™s real estate team provides a full range of services related to right-of-way and land acquisition. Our team members are experienced problem solvers who thoroughly understand the increasingly complex regulatory requirements, and weā€™ll work hard to ensure a smooth process for your project.

The Ulteig team will also handle document preparation, permitting, land title searches and public presentations. We have negotiated land purchases, leases, options and easements for projects such as municipal infrastructure, wind farm sites, large-scale electric transmission and pipeline corridors. Your project will also benefit from working with a land acquisition team that is closely aligned with routing, permitting, engineering and construction teams.

At Ulteig we know that continuous communication between you and the landowners is vital to a successful outcome, and weā€™re committed to continuously building positive community relations.

What We Do

  • Permitting: State, County, Federal, Local Agency, Township, Municipal, Environmental
  • Route Selection: site research, site qualification, route planning
  • Acquisition: document preparation, legal descriptions, landowner negotiations, exhibits, damage settlements, land value analysis, appraisals, public information meetings, public presentation, special considerations form, W-9ā€™s, communication records, recordation
  • Title research: courthouse research, deed and encumbrance procurement, tax information, plats, right-of-way maps, survey, section corner data, landowner database, aerial ownership map
  • Project Management: resources, QA/QC, deliverables, project closeout
  • Relocation: residential, commercial

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