Wastewater and Water Resource Engineering

Water is integral to our biological, environmental and industrial systems. The safe supply, treatment, storage and distribution of potable water is an essential part of maintaining collective wellness.

With endless changes facing our water supply, private and public organizations face growing challenges managing inefficiencies in water infrastructure asset and data management.
Since 1970, Ulteig’s experts have been helping agencies deliver and treat safe drinking water — that meets environmental and government regulations — to their communities. Our integrated approach supports entities in managing water resources and critical infrastructure, including navigating funding support, optimizing water systems, asset management technology as well as wastewater engineering, treatment, distribution and collection.​​

Whether you’re seeking simple drainage design or a major flood control overhaul, we have the diverse portfolio and years of experience to not only get it done well, but completely customized to meet your needs.

Water and Wastewater Engineering Services & Solutions


The team at Ulteig delivers a wide range of land services including: land surveying, geographic information systems and right-of-way acquisition.


Our in-house environmental team understands the big picture of your project, and we utilize our technical and project management expertise to keep things moving forward. Our work minimizes environmental impact while maintaining federal, state and local regulation compliance.


We make managing projects easier by handling all aspects of planning and studies in-house. Improved efficiency, direct communication access and insightful data analysis from qualified engineers all in one place.


We develop context-sensitive and cost-effective designs for every phase of your project. From concept through construction, Ulteig offers detailed design development, review, selection and implementation.


As a trusted partner, Ulteig supports your team by determining the right resources for your unique project from beginning to end. We offer a suite of solutions related to program and project management, construction management and related consultation.


We focus on using data, information, insights, technology and engineering to manage day-to-day business needs and develop strategic long-term plans that prioritize, manage and optimize investments for the future.

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PinPoint™ is specifically designed to address the urgent needs of wastewater and water resource engineering. It provides a comprehensive solution to minimize project overruns and circumvent obstacles, utilizing an intuitive interface that leverages real-time project data. This ensures transparency, efficiency, and informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle, enhancing the management of water infrastructure projects.


Team Member Spotlight
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Team Member Spotlight

Mark Presti, M. Eng. D., P. Eng.

Director of Sales Operations

Mark is an electrical engineer with 25 years of experience in the automation industry, with experience in developing wastewater collection and treatment, water treatment and distribution, energy, and manufacturing. He spent seven years with the Niagara Region as a SCADA engineer where he led a team that upgraded Niagara’s SCADA systems in all eight of their wastewater plants, six water plants, and associated remote locations equating to approximately 120 sites. With his team, Mark pursued state-of-the-art technologies in all their treatment facilities along with wide-area solutions for management and information distribution. Mark’s post-graduate degree focused on wastewater collection real-time control engineering strategies concerning the Port Dalhousie collection system. He also completed a multi-year energy efficiency plan and facilitated an energy audit in all water and wastewater locations that included recommendations to the Energy Efficiency Steering Committee on cost savings initiatives.

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From global energy producers to locally funded cities and private developers to government agencies, the clients we serve encompass a broad range of relationships and projects. Find out why Ulteig is a leading provider of wastewater and water resource engineering services.

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