Your GIS 'Source-of-Truth' Technology Solution

Intuitive, Efficient, Effective Project Management.

Experience a software solution for the unique challenges of engineering projects across the Lifeline Sectors.
  • Optimized coordination in navigating complex, large-scale projects.
  • Data standardization across disciplines.
  • Improved monitoring of project scope.
  • Efficient communication among collaborating project leaders


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Introducing PinPoint: Project Management at your Fingertips

Key Features

PinPoint delivers a suite of powerful features designed to streamline every aspect of project management.

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Big Data Management

Integrate multiple data sets, public and project-specific, into a single, user-friendly interface.

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Data Visualization

Access and understand complex data through an attractive and clear presentation.

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Tailor-Made Modules

Add or remove applications as needed, providing flexibility to see only what is needed.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Streamline project management through easy, real-time collaboration across stakeholders and disciplines.

Set the Stage for Project Success

Going beyond traditional GIS tools, PinPoint enhances project management to deliver meaningful results.

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Efficient Decision-Making

Harness real-time data for swift, informed decision-making that keeps your project moving.

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Single Source for Data

Eliminate the need to navigate multiple sources for project-specific data.

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Integration with Public Data

Visualize your project in the context of national datasets, for comprehensive planning and analysis.

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Cost-Effective Workflows

Optimize resources with workflows that save time and reduce costs, without compromising on quality.

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Comprehensive and Accessible Data

As the exclusive source of precise information, rest assured that decisions are grounded in comprehensive and easily accessible data, fostering trust in the decision-making process.

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Navigate Challenges

Effectively reduce project overruns and effortlessly overcome challenges by utilizing an intuitive interface that harnesses current project data. This ensures decision-making is transparent, streamlined, and well-informed.