Renewable Energy Storage System Services

Ensure Your Energy Supply Meets Demand

With the growth of renewable energy, proliferation of distributed resources and an ever-evolving transmission and distribution grid — the need for resilience and reliability within energy generation systems is more important than ever.

Renewable energy battery storage systems address these concerns by enabling energy producers to store and dispatch energy as needed — providing a continuous flow of clean energy during periods of high demand, or when wind and solar energy is temporarily unavailable. These systems can also be placed anywhere in a facility with no immediate environmental or air quality impacts, making them valuable tools for meeting sustainability goals.

As a full-service project execution firm that offers a wide range of services and expertise, Ulteig is uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive energy storage solutions. We have consulted with some of the largest and most reputable owners in the industry, providing end-to-end capabilities for the seamless integration of systems.

What We Do

  • Modeling and studies 
  • Business case development 
  • Owner’s engineer support 
  • Interconnection and permitting 
  • Technical bid support 
  • Decision making road map (Siting, Application and Size)
  • Conceptual design 
  • Balance of plant/system engineering 
  • High-voltage engineering 
  • Owner’s engineering 
  • EPC support 
  • Permitting 
  • Environmental 
  • Survey & staking 
  • Procurement & logistics
  • Use-case consulting 
  • AC/DC coupled & stand-alone 
  • Plant-level PV & storage integration 
  • SCADA and System Integration 
  • Power plant control 
  • Performance & financial reporting 
  • Commissioning 
  • Networking & NERC/CIP security 
  • Hardware & software supply
  • Project and construction management 
  • Equipment FAT support 
  • Testing and commissioning (third-party) 
  • Asset management 
  • O&M Analytics 
  • Construction surveying 
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Owner’s Engineering