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Grid Modernization Strategies That Develop Reliability and Resilience

Prepare to meet the increasing reliability, resiliency and efficiency demands for electrical distribution systems. At Ulteig, we understand that the most effective grid modernization strategy is unique to each utility. Our team of grid modernization experts will work with you to develop unique solutions to achieve your strategic goals. We will partner with you to create and implement a well-designed grid modernization plan with long-lasting benefits.

Grid modernization is a broad term that generally refers to the process of making electric systems more resilient, efficient, reliable and optimized for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and load side technologies. Efforts can range from distribution system hardening of traditional poles and wire systems, through asset replacements, to updating obsolete protection systems with the newest technology, (i.e. FLISR automatically locating a fault, isolating it, and restoring service to the unaffected parts of the system).

Get an overview from one of our strategy experts:

Building Your Grid Modernization Strategy Blueprint

Our grid modernization experts use a set of unique criteria, along with an electric system model, to customize a solution to meet your needs. Solutions typically include one or more of the following principles: Resiliency, Visibility, Adaptability and System Integration.

Not sure where to start? We recommend the following four stages to build the blueprint for your long-term grid modernization strategy. Enter the process at whatever step makes the most sense for your utility:

What We Do

  • Resiliency
  • Visibility
  • Adaptability
  • System integration
  • Reliability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Accessibility

As the electric grid continues to age, it is imperative to develop a holistic approach to a grid modernization strategy in order to maintain long term resilience. The right grid hardening strategy promotes proactive solutions that maximize efficiencies and provide resilience while adapting to ever-changing technologies affecting our nation’s network.

Effective grid modernization services provide electric utilities of any size with an opportunity to address challenges associated with the evolving grid, including:

  • System reliability
  • Grid resilience
  • Increased customer engagement expectations
  • Increased penetration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
  • Transitioning workforce
  • Policy changes
  • Ever-growing size of transmitted data

Ulteig grid modernization service solutions are designed to meet your utility’s unique needs and may include:

  • GIS mapping of the electric system
  • Power System Analysis studies
    • Fault current, power flow, voltage drop, coordination, load balancing
  • Automated fault location, isolation and service restoration
  • Conservation voltage reduction
  • Peak demand management
  • Volt/VAR optimization
  • Power quality
  • Grid hardening

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