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Ensuring Grid Standards Hit the Mark

The project The nFront Consulting group engaged Ulteig to provide technical support in reviewing a Municipal Utility’s electric grid. Ulteig performed staff interviews to learn about their current electric system, reviewed future budgeted projects as well as construction standards and identified the existing and future role of new technology in their day-to-day operations. In addition to this review, Ulteig provided its expertise and insight into another portion of this project: an organizational review.

Listening to the client Ulteig was able tailor its approach to the client’s needs by shifting some of the focus from the initial project scope to address additional concerns. This approach was critical in the overall organizational review.

Results As a stand-alone project, Ulteig was able to provide the client with important insight into the state of their current electric system and the effectiveness of established engineering processes. Direction for moving into the future and incorporating new practices were laid out as well. As part of the overall organizational review, Ulteig’s expertise and findings provided valuable insight into nFront’s recommendations for an organizational restructuring. This helped ensure the client had the right pieces in place to achieve its goals and to continue providing their customers safe, reliable and affordable power while meeting the needs of the changing environment.

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