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Douglas Trail Substation

When Epic Systems Corporation approached the city of Rochester, Minnesota, to request a substation on an aggressive deadline, Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) worked with Ulteig to strategize a solution. The substation was to be built on a small triangle of land surrounded by a major highway, the new Epic Systems headquarters building and the Douglas State Trail. Ulteig began by leveling the soil and coordinating the construction of a concrete screening wall.

To allay community concerns over an unsightly structure that could potentially decrease home values, Ulteig designed the substation to have a low profile with a screening wall that was adorned with a decorative finish. Photographs from the construction site were used to develop a 3D computer model of the substation. The city of Rochester shared the model in community meetings to address resident concerns. In this way, Ulteig innovation not only served the client, but also the community.

RPU applauded Ulteig for working at a speed that exceeded expectations and for its valuable contributions to onsite construction.

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