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Ulteig Joins ‘CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion’

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September 20, 2022

Doug Jaeger, President & CEO, has signed a pledge to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at Ulteig as part of the national CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion coalition.

This national movement is dedicated to taking collective action on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) matters to drive scalable change. As part of this commitment, Doug has signed the CEO pledge to advance DEI at Ulteig through several key organization-wide initiatives.

“Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive future is a key part of Ulteig’s business strategy, and inclusion is one of our core values,” said Doug. “We know empowering all voices and perspectives will help us grow individually, as employee-owners, with our clients and in our world. The CEO Action commitment is one of many ways in which we are supporting this critical work.”

Doug joins a group of more than 2,200 CEOs who have pledged through CEO Action to:

  • Cultivate environments that support open dialogue on complex, and often difficult, conversations around DEI
  • Implement and expand unconscious bias education and training
  • Share best practices and challenges of DEI programs and initiatives
  • Engage boards of directors when developing and evaluating DEI strategies

“At Ulteig, we have taken important steps such as appointing our first DEI program manager, creating employee resource groups, evolving internal systems and policies, and providing monthly employee education,” said Doug. “We have more work ahead with the goal to be a culturally responsible, inclusive and equitable organization and, ultimately, a DEI leader in our industry.”

CEO Action is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to drive measurable action and meaningful change in advancing DEI in the workplace. Ulteig joins an impressive roster of businesses from all over the world that are dedicated to this effort. Click here to see others on the alphabetized list from the engineering, construction, power and energy industries, including many of Ulteig’s partners and clients.

See the full press release here.

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