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Employee Spotlight: Chase Anderson, Project Manager

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February 29, 2024

At Ulteig, we pride ourselves on our talented team, and Project Manager, Chase Anderson is a standout example of the expertise and passion that drives our success. With a rich background in renewable energy and a forward-thinking approach to project management, Chase has become an invaluable asset to our operations and our mission. Learn more about Chase and his recent work with Invenergy across the Midwest.

Chase’s Journey to Renewable Energy Expertise

Chase Anderson grew up in the Texas Panhandle, where his early fascination with renewable energy projects was nurtured among cotton fields and wind farms. This interest propelled him to work with an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, cutting his teeth in the field and alongside experienced project managers.

After honing his skills and expanding his knowledge, Chase pursued a formal education in project management at Texas A&M University. Upon graduation, he began a dynamic career working across many departments from estimating, scheduling and procurement to pre-construction, project controls and execution.

Embedded Project Management: A Role Tailored for Impact

Embedded Project Managers are deeply integrated within a specific team, department or project, providing dedicated attention and high visibility. Chase Anderson thrives as an Embedded Project Manager at Ulteig, where he blends meticulous oversight and collaborative stakeholder management. By liaising effectively with the Owner’s Engineer and managing the Balance of System (BoS) contractor, Chase ensures that each project’s scope, schedule, budget and quality standards are not just met but exceeded. His dedication to mutual success is evident in his proactive approach to identifying and resolving issues, an approach that has been critical in managing complex renewable energy projects across the Midwest.

Chase finds great reward in navigating the complexities of his role and delivering projects that contribute to a sustainable energy future. “Embedded Project Managers can provide more than just technical skills,” Anderson says. “We bring experience as project managers from various industries and share that knowledge and expertise to execute successful projects in the growing renewables sector. We also have the advantage of building trust and collaboration with the Client.”

Steering Success in Renewable Energy Projects

Anderson’s role as an Embedded Project Manager has been exemplified through his effective leadership on Invenergy’s renewable energy projects across Wisconsin and Kansas, including Solar and BESS projects. His proactive and adept navigation of stakeholder needs was instrumental in achieving substantial completion for these ventures.

“Embedded Project Managers at Ulteig can leverage and offer our internal resources to provide services, solutions and innovations for the client,” Chase reflects, underscoring the strategic advantage of Ulteig’s integrated approach.

His expertise in procurement and scheduling not only fortified relationships with local contractors but also minimized change orders, reflecting Ulteig’s core values of integrity, enthusiasm and client success. Through agility and a forward-thinking mindset, Chase and the Ulteig team have not only met Invenergy’s needs but exceeded them.

“Chase is a great asset to our team,” said Mark Riffel, Senior Project Manager, Renewable Development for Invenergy. “His advanced knowledge of renewable energy construction helps us tackle the most complex of challenges throughout the design and construction process. Chase gives us confidence that any scope he takes on will be completed with the utmost quality and thoughtfulness.

Embrace the Future with Ulteig’s Renewable Expertise

Chase Anderson’s story at Ulteig is one of dedication, expertise and a relentless drive to push the boundaries of renewable energy and deliver for our clients. Ulteig is proud to have employee-owners like Chase, driving the future of sustainable infrastructure development.

Learn more about how Ulteig’s approach to renewable energy projects can elevate your renewables initiatives.


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