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Fostering the Future of Engineering: Ulteig’s Involvement with the RMEL Foundation

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December 15, 2023

Ulteig has a longstanding relationship with RMEL and supports its commitment to providing education, networking and career opportunities in the power utilities industry across the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. As part of this partnership, Ulteig supports the nonprofit RMEL Foundation through both financial contributions and active leadership roles. These collaborations are mutually beneficial, allowing Ulteig to give back while also gaining exposure to top talent and future leaders in the field.

Each year, RMEL awards scholarships to students pursuing careers in the electric energy sector. As a scholarship sponsor, Ulteig has the opportunity to choose one exemplary student from a selected group to receive a scholarship ranging from $1,500 to $3,000. For 2023, Ulteig chose to honor Rachel Lorenzen, an engineering student at Colorado State University as our selected scholarship recipient of the RMEL Foundation Scholarship. Rachel’s story is not just about her journey in the energy industry, but also a testament to the impact of opportunities that the RMEL Foundation provides. As the energy sector faces mounting challenges, students like Rachel are rising to the occasion with innovative ideas and a passion for engineering.

Engineering Rachel’s Journey

Rachel’s path to engineering began in high school, when her talent in math and science led to an internship with Colorado State University Powerhouse Energy Campus “The Powerhouse”. “I chose an energy engineering internship because it sounded interesting, and I ended up finding a passion for it.” Now in her sophomore year, Rachel still works at The Powerhouse in the engine and energy conversion lab.

“All my work in the past three and a half years has been on industrial-size engines, introducing emissions on those,” she explains. “It’s a unique environment because if there’s something I become interested in, they let me explore that and they help me find resources.”

Rachel serves as a Colorado State University Energy Ambassador, sharing her knowledge and inspiring the next generation through community tours. One recent tour attendee even recognized Rachel months later at an RMEL event, proving that her work and presence is already making an impact.

Charting a Sustainable Course

Rachel already has a clear vision for her future and is on track to complete a 5-year combined BS/MS program in Mechanical Engineering, dealing with the machinery, fluids and thermodynamics of systems.

“I’m passionate about energy and climate change,” Rachel says. “I plan to work in the energy field, either modifying our current energy systems to reduce emissions, or going into renewables and designing brand new systems.”

For young women considering STEM, Rachel’s advice is simple: “Gender doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t be in these spaces, even if there aren’t many other women.”

A Catalyst for Young Engineers

The RMEL Foundation scholarship has been instrumental in encouraging and supporting students like Rachel to pursue careers in the energy industry. Ulteig and the RMEL Foundation remain committed to supporting young innovators like Rachel, empowering them to redefine the energy industry and create a more sustainable world. The upcoming RMEL scholarship extends this opportunity to numerous students, giving them the platform to drive the energy industry forward, just like Rachel is doing.  In 2023 alone, the RMEL Foundation provided over 60 scholarships to deserving students.

“The financial aspect is obviously really big,” she explained. “It’s been beneficial having people at Ulteig I can go to as mentors. They’ve given me a lot of opportunities for networking, workshops and potential internships in the future. The RMEL Scholarship changed my entire college career and broadened my horizons.”

Unlock the Door to Opportunity

Applications are now open for RMEL’s 2024 scholarships. We encourage all students interested in pursuing careers in technical fields or the energy industry to apply — but please make it a priority, since the deadline of February 9 fast approaches.

To learn more about the RMEL Foundation Scholarship and Ulteig’s contribution to empowering the future of energy, don’t hesitate to contact RMEL or Ulteig today.

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