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Grady Wolf joins Ulteig as an Associate Director – Environmental

October 17, 2023

Grady’s roots are in Bismarck, where he pursued his education at NDSU, earning a degree in Natural Resource Management. After completing college, Grady embarked on a career as a watershed coordinator, overseeing a 560,000-acre watershed in southcentral North Dakota. In this role, he collaborated closely with agricultural producers, facilitating water quality enhancements through incentive contracts that encouraged improvements in their operations. Following this, Grady joined the ND Department of Health, where he contributed to their Stormwater program. In 2006, Grady transitioned to KLJ Engineering, where he specialized in environmental consulting services, until his eventual move to Ulteig.

Grady is enthusiastic about Ulteig’s diverse client base, which spans various geographical locations. This diversity provides opportunities for expanding field services work, particularly in the environmental sector. To discover more about Grady’s role at Ulteig, his industry expertise, and his hobbies, please refer to the Q&A below.

How does your experience help you now?
At my previous employment I oversaw a team of 40 environmental professionals and was responsible for overall management of the group including profit and loss. I see my current position as the one I was in, with the advantages of a lot more existing client relationships through the lifeline sectors that we can leverage to grow the environmental group both in capacity and specialized services.

How will your role be used to expand Ulteigā€™s presence in the transportation market?
Since the environmental group is moving to the field services group, I view my role as being the same for all markets Ulteig works in. I will look for opportunities to gain market share for existing clients and gain new clients for the environmental group. This will aid the lifeline sectors to be successful by allowing them to provide a comprehensive one stop shop consulting solution for clientā€™s needs.

Are there any current industry trends you are interested in or following closely?
I think everyone can agree that government regulation or oversight is increasing more than going away, which drives the workload that we see in the environmental group. If you consider that trend with the fact that the current lifeline sectors at Ulteig are the highest growing sectors in the engineering market right now, you have massive opportunity to grow the environmental group from the aspect of total employees, geographic location, and specialties services.Ā 

Can you tell us about your family, hobbies, and interests?
My wife, Margo, and I have two young daughters, Willow and Raina. Between working in my professional career, working at home, and spending time with family, I rarely have free time to enjoy hobbies; however, I try to hunt, fish, train horses and team rope whenever I can find the time.

We are excited to have you as part of the Ulteig team, Grady!Ā 

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