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Intern to Full-Time Employee with Melanie Muncy

April 23, 2024

At Ulteig, we pride ourselves on a culture of growth, innovation and commitment to excellence. Among our exceptional team members is Melanie Muncy, a Design Engineer who has seamlessly transitioned from an intern to a vital full-time team member over the past three years. Melanie’s story is a prime example of how dedication and continuous learning are key to continued success.

Getting Her Start as an Intern

Melanie embarked on her Ulteig journey with an engineering internship that she describes as both educational and enriching. This initial phase offered her the chance to collaborate with talented colleagues, be mentored, and engage with projects that resonated with her academic background, providing a solid foundation for her career.

“Ulteig has consistently exhibited agility and enthusiasm,” Melanie says, “Overall, my internship experience provided me with a deeper appreciation for the company’s values and how they shape their overall culture.”

One of the standout experiences during her internship was her role as a construction inspector on multiple projects. This role not only deepened her understanding of practical engineering applications but also underscored the importance of hands-on experience in her professional development.

Transitioning to a Full-Time Career

Melanie enjoyed a seamless transition to her full-time position as a Design Engineer. “Receiving mentorship and guidance during my internship helped me understand and adapt to a full-time position more effectively,” Melanie says. This support exemplifies Ulteig’s commitment to nurturing promising talent through engineering internships and enabling a smooth progression from educational environments to professional settings.

Her vital role in developing future-focused infrastructure cannot be understated. As a Design Engineer, Melanie develops innovative solutions, conducts key analysis, and improves processes to ensure our clients’ project success.

Follow in Melanie’s Footsteps

Melanie Muncy’s path from intern to Design Engineer illustrates the rich opportunities available at Ulteig for personal and professional growth. Her advice to prospective interns is simple: “Learn as much as you can, be confident in your knowledge, and enjoy the journey.”

If you aspire to join a team that values the development of its employees while maintaining a commitment to innovation, we encourage you to explore internship and career opportunities at Ulteig.

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