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Jen Turnbow Rejoins Ulteig in new role as Director of Business Operations

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January 30, 2023

Jen Turnbow is returning to Ulteig in a brand-new position: Director of Business Operations. Initially hired at Ulteig as a technical manager in 2020, Jen also served as an associate director for Ulteig’s Civil Department.

In this new role, Jen will utilize her leadership skills and expertise in planning, as well as environmental and project management to advance Ulteig’s business development team. With a focus on each of our four Lifeline Sectors, Jen will be instrumental in driving our partnerships and clients’ success forward.

Jen shares, “When taking on an entirely new position, there is creativity in figuring out how to best fit into an existing system, along with being able to craft the new role in a way that not only is best for the organization, but more importantly in a way that best serves all the employees and our clients.”

Jen is entering this new role with an enthusiasm stemming from more than 20 years in leadership roles and environmental planning. Her ability to collaborate with clients, stakeholders and government agencies positions Ulteig’s leadership team for success. Jen is a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) specialist and has experience with federal and state level networks.

“Leading services that have an impact across the organization has always been in the fabric of my career and it is something that ignites me,” she said. “Working across the organization with different disciplines and a variety of markets with diverse clients at its foundation is about learning, being thoughtful and then taking action in order to bring value to people, teams, clients and processes.”

Her passion for building teams and services is a valuable asset to our business. Jen enjoys speaking motivationally to inspire diversity of thought and encourages process improvements. She is committed to building women in leadership and equity and is involved with organizations including the North Dakota Commission on the Status of Women and WTS – ND. She also has her own blog entitled To the Mailbox that inspires women to overcome their fears and understand their strengths.

We are thrilled to have Jen back on our team.

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