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Leadership Moment: Jesse Erickson, PE – Market Director – Key Client

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February 9, 2023

Jesse Erickson, Market Director – Key Client

“I am an outgoing and energetic engineer who built my career in project leadership and substation design and I am now helping our clients solve their most difficult challenges. I love collaborating with our clients and our internal teams, matching the right resources to handle any situation creatively and effectively. Outside of work, I love to travel and explore the world, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.”

Why are you passionate about what you do/why do you love what you do?

“We are at a unique time in our industry where we need to both strengthen our grid to provide reliable power in a world that is dependent on constant electricity as well as modernize our grid to manage the necessary shift to renewable fuel sources. Then, you add on technological advancements and the drive to more distributed generation sources, and you have constant changes that make every day interesting and exciting!”

Why do you love working for Ulteig?

“The people and the environment. We have incredible people at Ulteig, and we have a work culture that promotes flexibility and creativity, caring about people first.”

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