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Leadership Moment: Mandi Spindler, Talent Director

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August 24, 2022

Mandi Spindler, Talent Director

“As Talent Director, I lead the teams that manage the recruiting, talent management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion functions. I’ve been with Ulteig for just over 3 years and prior to that, I grew my career in various HR functions spanning recruiting, business consulting, compensation, talent management and strategy.”

Why are you passionate about what you do/why do you love what you do?

“I have a passion for the work that our team does – we get to help to create exceptional candidate experiences and find great talent to help Ulteig expand, create programs and tools that allow Ulteig’s team members to develop and grow, and though we are at the beginning of our DEI journey, we are focused on bringing awareness and education around inclusion and equity to our Ulteig team.”

Why do you love working for Ulteig?

“It is so fun to be part of a high performing team where each individual brings their unique perspectives and ideas to the table, which truly help us to focus on continuous improvement, innovation and achieving great results. It is an exciting time to be with Ulteig and help the organization grow.”

Check out the video below or head to our YouTube channel to hear Mandi talk about our culture and how Ulteig is a great community to connect and collaborate with each other and our clients.

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