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Ulteig Partners with LineVision

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July 26, 2023

Today, the nationā€™s power grid finds itself sitting at a critical juncture. Renewable energy sources wait to connect to it to power American homes and businesses; while the power grid needs to also support the electrification of adjacent market sectors like transportation. Couple these factors with an obligation to comply with FERC Order 881 and NERC assessments ā€” both driving utilitiesā€™ need for solutions like Ambient Adjusted Ratings (AAR) and Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR). Complying with Order 881 and determining inter-regional transfer capability will require new levels of transmission system capability and control, which is difficult for the power grid to accommodate.

Our recent strategic partnership with LineVision aims to address these types of challenges in the Power Lifeline SectorĀ®, combining our extensive knowledge in renewable energy, power delivery and infrastructure solutions with LineVisionā€™s advanced monitoring technologies to provide high-quality, cutting-edge results for clients in the power delivery space.

A Synergistic Solution

Ulteig and LineVisionā€™s combined expertise will empower utility companies to overcome complex challenges, optimize asset utilization and make data-driven decisions. This consolidation will streamline the implementation of AAR and DLR mechanisms, making it easier for utilities to comply with regulatory requirements.

The new partnership aims to help utilities in four key ways:

  1. Maximize Line Capacity
  2. Improve Reliability, Grid Visibility and Control
  3. Offset Investment Costs
  4. Accelerate Renewable Integration

A Unique Value Proposition

Some key benefits and advantages of this new partnership include:

  • A single-source approach that streamlines DLR implementation for utilities
  • Holistic solutions that incorporate utility needs beyond technology alone
  • Confidence that commercial projects and investments are backed by rigorous analysis
  • Dynamic monitoring and more accurate line ratings maintain grid reliability standards
  • Proven project execution to deliver results on schedule and on budget

As the global energy sector moves towards sustainable practices and increased reliance on renewable energy sources, the partnership arrives at a crucial time. Ulteig and LineVision will provide the necessary tools to integrate renewables seamlessly into the power grid. By unlocking additional capacity on existing lines, enhancing grid resiliency, and ensuring the health of conductors, they both work to reduce transmission congestion and facilitate the integration of clean energy technologies.

Words of Enthusiasm from Key Players

ā€œWe are excited to partner with LineVision to provide a holistic approach that leverages both companiesā€™ strengths,ā€ says Hoss Tabrizi, Senior Vice President of Power Technical Services at Ulteig. Jonathan Marmillo, LineVisionā€™s Chief Product Officer, concurs, adding that, ā€œBy combining Ulteigā€™s domain knowledge and project track record with our technology, we can empower utilities to make better data-driven decisions.ā€

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support the future of energy.

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