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Ulteig Supports Girls in STEM through Nationwide Initiative

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March 8, 2024

Ulteig recently participated in the nationwide Introduce a Girl to Engineering initiative, also known as “Girl Day,” with the goal of inspiring young girls to explore careers in STEM fields. Our Fargo office partnered with North Dakota State University to welcome a group of local middle schoolers and provide them with the opportunity to meet role models, engage in hands-on activities, and see real-world examples of how engineers make a difference.

Alena Pringle, a Trans Line Graduate Engineer at Ulteig, reflected on the significance of the event: “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is an incredible way to ignite a passion for STEM fields. I still remember attending my own Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day event nearly a decade ago. It’s been a rewarding journey, going from a young girl in the audience learning from engineers to becoming an engineer myself. I love sharing my enthusiasm for STEM and, hopefully, inspiring another young girl to pursue a career in engineering.”

This event reaffirmed what we already know – the future of engineering is bright! We are proud to support this initiative and are committed to continuing to inspire and encourage young girls to pursue their dreams in STEM.

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