Ulteig Wins ACEC National Recognition Award

June 18, 2021

The prestigious distinction for Ulteig was announced yesterday (June 17) at the ACEC annual awards gala. Ulteig was recognized for the project Preparing for the Future & Clean Power: Newport Substation Interconnect, for the client Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO).

Ulteig assisted CIPCO in the expansion redesign of the 161kV bus at Newport substation in Wapello, Iowa. The expansion provided more reliability and increased flexibility for the operation of the substation and overall grid.

The expansion also allowed a future 161kV line position to be added to the substation. The simple relocation of a 161kV line made possible a solar interconnection in 2020, which gave the Wapello solar farm developer access to the transmission system for 100MW of power generation. The solar site opened for operation in March 2021. It is the largest solar installation in Iowa and one of the largest in the Midwest. Read more about the finished Wapello Solar Project here.

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