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Women in Engineering Day 2023

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June 22, 2023

Created over 1 year ago, Ulteigā€™s Women@Ulteig Employee Resource Group (ERG) has made a large impact on the companyā€™s 1000+ employees. The purpose of the ERG is to create a comprehensive approach to promote the equitable representation of Women at all levels within Ulteig. It fosters a supportive and collaborative environment to increase engagement and elevate the voices of women across the organization.

At 140 members strong, the ERG has hosted and organized:

  • Expert speakers
  • Educational opportunities
  • Leadership Meet & Greets
  • Mentorship Development Program
  • Media/Book Club
  • Social Hours & Networking

We applaud the exceptional leadership shown by the Women@Ulteig ERG for their contributions to cultivating an inclusive work environment at Ulteig.

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