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NextDAS is a versatile Monitoring System designed for Utility and Commercial/Industrial clients with clean energy generation, energy storage or water infrastructure.

Versatile Monitoring System

NextDAS is a monitoring, operations & maintenance platform designed for both single project installations and portfolios of many renewable energy sites such as Solar, Wind and Energy Storage plants and water sites such as Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment systems.

NextDAS is modern and flexible, built on industry-standard software for the best interoperability and maintainability, with powerful core features that are extendable to meet your needs. We can configure a new holistic system or integrate with an existing owned system.

Designed to Benefit Your Business

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Review the status of your sites on the web view

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Inspect asset condition

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Review performance with string monitoring views

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Gather realtime and historical plant data

Powerful Core Features

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Costs Less

NextDAS offers flexible payment options, with or without a subscription. Add unlimited users, clients, field devices, and data points to your backend server at no extra cost.

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Open Architecture

NextDAS is an open platform built on Ignition, so your in-house or externally contracted developers can work on it too. Our team is available to develop custom features as you need them.

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Easy to Install

NextDAS offers pre-configured equipment and detailed wiring drawings and instructions, ensuring your site installers a clear path to successful installation.

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Quality Assured

Every NextDAS project undergoes a comprehensive QA process, including design, equipment, and software, guaranteeing your system will work as expected, out of the box.

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Quality Plant Control

We’re known for optimized power plant control strategies and maximized production. Our plant control is used extensively on sites across North America.

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Proven Track Record

NextDAS is running plants successfully across North America. For both new and retrofit sites, our customers report that NextDAS is better than the competition.


Built for Mobile

Our intuitive web-based interface is a snap to log into and operate, from anywhere in the world, with both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Our intuitive web-based interface is a snap to log into and operate, from anywhere in the world, with both mobile devices and desktop computers.


Inspect 1 minute data with flexible, performant ad-hoc trends

View historical tag data from a variety of providers, save and recall trends, add annotations, and export to CSV.


Critical metrics at your fingertips with site dashboards and KPIs

View live and historical data, alarm summaries, meteorological data and device statuses on clearly defined site monitoring screens.


Monitor important KPIs across your fleet

Full view of operational and performance data.

Platform Configurations


Single Installations or Portfolios

NextDAS is designed for both single installations and portfolios of many renewable energy or water sites managed by a team. We’re here to help you choose the right options.

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All the Best MET Stations and Sensors

We offer a variety of MET stations and sensors to suit your budget and project needs. These sensors connect directly to the main DAS panel and come with standard mounting hardware, where required.

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Once we receive your request, our sales team will reach out to discuss your needs and set up a meeting. Call us directly at 1.800.369.0213