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Buena Vista County – Funding, Road, and Safety Project

Buena Vista County, Iowa

The Iowa Department of Transportation partnered with Buena Vista County, the regional planning authority, and Ulteig to secure a $3.3 million Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) grant. The grant will aid in the funding of a major highway interchange upgrade and new transportation improvements in Buena Vista County, Iowa.

The entire scope of the project is large and multi-faceted, and we will be able to complete each component in-house.

  • Starting with in-house surveying for our first and biggest transportation study in Iowa, we have an opportunity to see the project through multiple stages of the project.
  • Ulteig will perform the design, grading and construction of the highway, as well as roadway design and right-of-way work.
  • We are conducting wetland and environmental work around the area due to nearby state-protected marshland. Environmental impact studies will be conducted to ensure the marshland maintains its integrity and protection, throughout and after the project. This will also include work done on two triple box culvert structures in the area, led by Michael Campion, PE, Ulteig’s Technical Manager, alongside his environmental team and surveyors.
  • Finally, we will take the lead on the design and construction of railroad signals and cross-arms at two state interchanges along the highway. This will help ensure safety at those crossings for residents as well as the agricultural and industrial presence in the region.

“It was truly a collaborative effort,” Rick Allely, Market Development Manager said. “Everybody had a hand in its success. These projects are a perfect illustration of how good communication and teamwork can result in providing a positive return in investment for all stakeholders.” We are proud to partner with the Iowa DOT and Buena Vista County to enhance the quality of life, economic vitality and agricultural production in the region.

By providing comprehensive in-house services, we foresee the finalization of the highway redesign and upgrade to be completed in the early fall of 2024.

To learn more about the strategy used to secure funding for this project, head over to our Knowledge Center to read the full blog.

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