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Monarch Boulevard

Ulteig’s Civil team, including Luke Arnold, PE, Senior Engineer and Paul Moreau, PE, Senior Engineer, have taken on a multi-piece project designed to enhance the awareness and safety of pedestrians throughout the city of Castle Pines. The primary scope of the project is to install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) at three locations around the city. Ulteig is also updating the crosswalks, including installing ADA-compliant curb ramps.

The crosswalk upgrades came to fruition through a collaborative relationship with the city of Castle Pines. The city identified high-traffic intersections that would benefit from RRFBs, and Ulteig went to work implementing improvements.

Buffalo Ridge Elementary School

The first RRFB installation took place near Buffalo Ridge Elementary School. Due to the campus’ central location, many students walk to school. As Monarch Boulevard approaches the school, drivers make a slight curve, obscuring sight lines and causing a potential hazard to pedestrians.

The improved crosswalk helps alert drivers ahead of time and improve student safety. “RRFBs bring a higher-level visual aid to motorists,” said Moreau, which is critical to reducing potential collisions.

“No accidents or near-misses is the goal,” said Arnold – a worthy objective considering the high-traffic nature of the crosswalk. Ulteig’s primary aim of this project is to better improve the safety of the road for pedestrians, and this RRFB is an important first step in the right direction.

Future Project Goals

The Buffalo Ridge Elementary crosswalk is the first aspect of Ulteig’s ongoing project with the city of Castle Pines. Ulteig’s engineers have established a contract for two more crosswalk improvements to be completed in the coming months.

In addition to installing the RRFBs throughout the city, Ulteig is working on a larger-scale project to overhaul Monarch Boulevard. This street is a focal point of the local community that connects schools, residential areas and many places of business. As a central collector roadway for residents, creating a safe street for everyone is essential.

Ulteig has begun the planning process to add:
– Wider bike lanes;
– Multi-use paths and;
– More RRFB warnings at key intersections along the thoroughfare.

While this initial RRFB installation represents a relatively simple project, it is paramount for pedestrian safety. Students and pedestrians in the area can now reap the benefits of the RRFB and will continue to do so for years to come.

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