Smart Infrastructure

Ulteig embraces a new era and ideology in transportation and traffic, using technology and innovation to optimize the performance and capacity of the existing transportation network. Ulteig’s forward-thinking team seeks out industry-leading information, working with our clients to implement cutting-edge practices and emerging technologies to best benefit the public.

Smart Work Zones

The Region 1 Smart Work Zone Guidelines provide a clear, consistent project approach by establishing a SWZ design workflow that runs in parallel to the design process for roadway projects. The workflow begins at the project scoping level and ultimately provides plan sheets, an operations plan and project specifications. This is to help contractors understand what is included in the smart work zone items they are bidding on and how they are expected to work in the field.

The Smart Work Zone Guidelines document provides a “toolbox” that includes basic system layouts for 10 SWZ strategies. This allows a project designer to select and tailor the appropriate strategies to mitigate for the expected construction traffic impacts.

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