Water & Wastewater Design

Ulteig is providing innovative solutions to help address an increasingly urgent concern: the need for clean water. Our projects are helping to create clean water for drinking and to treat used water for return to the natural environment.

Ulteigā€™s water and wastewater practice has helped a growing list of clients meet the challenges of providing reliable access to clean water. Since 1970, we have worked with public and private clients to deliver potable water through projects that solve challenges in supply, treatment, storage and distribution. On the wastewater side, we have designed pumping stations, treatment lagoons, treatment plants, and rapid infiltration basins, all of which are used in the collection and treatment of sanitary wastewater.

Our engineers, technicians and operators are continually innovating to create dependable infrastructure solutions for water and wastewater. Our teams assist public and private sector clients in managing stormwater runoff and surface water, in order to maintain or improve water quality, minimize flooding and address regulatory challenges.

Our wide-ranging portfolio includes projects of all sizes, from a simple drainage design to a major flood control overhaul. We have partnered with numerous clients to develop customized projects that meet their needsā€”and we can do the same for you.

What We Do

  • Supply
  • Distribution
  • Treatment
  • Specialized water services
  • Collection
  • Conveyance
  • Treatment
  • Specialized wastewater services

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From global energy producers to locally funded cities and private developers to government agencies, the clients we serve encompass a broad range of relationships and projects. Find out why Ulteig is a leader in the engineering industry.

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