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Grady Wolf

Associate Director, Environmental

Grady Wolf recently joined Ulteig as Associate Director of the Environmental Group. He brings more than 20 years of experience, with 18 of those being associated with providing environmental consulting services. His experience ranges from completion of many environmental field surveys, planning, NEPA documentation, permitting, project management, business development and staff supervision and development. During his career, he has worked on projects in many industries including all those covered by the Lifeline Sectors at Ulteig. He has permitted projects with project extents consisting of thousands of acres and hundreds of miles and has completed project management for multidisciplinary teams on projects of over $1 billion in construction cost.

Throughout his career, he has had a long history of collaboration associated with marketing and project delivery with a wide range of professionals. He also has extensive experience working with stakeholders and governmental agencies to ensure timely delivery of successful projects.

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