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Aiming Higher to Protect Endangered Species

May 6, 2021

As we work on projects across the country, we not only need to consider the infrastructure that gets developed, we need also need to protect one the most critical resources we have, threatened and endangered species. The Endangered Species Act was developed to protect and recover our nationā€™s most critical species and habitats.

Did you that know there are more than 1,650 species of mammals, fish, insects, amphibians, birds and plants that are listed as endangered or threatened right here in the United States?

At Ulteig, we observe Endangered Species Day, May 21, 2021, to recognize the importance of the Endangered Species Act on protecting the most vulnerable species and habitats in the United States.Ā  The environmental services team at Ulteig advises all of our clients on how to effectively navigate the Endangered Species Act in relation to their projects. Everyone, individual or company, is responsible for complying with the Act regardless of funding type.

ā€œUlteigā€™s environmental services team is focused on helping our clients navigate through the complex world of environmental regulations to ensure successful and environmentally responsible projects,ā€ said Mike Huffington, Ulteig Market Development Manager.

ā€œEvery single project brings different perspectives on how to avoid, minimize and protect impacts to the environment,ā€ said Jen Turnbow, Ulteig Associate Director, Civil ā€“ Transportation. ā€œIt is our environmental teamā€™s responsibility to balance those varied perspectives, the infrastructure being proposed with the natural environment. This balance happens with trust, integrity and a deep respect for the environment.ā€

Our environmental services team is highly experienced in helping our clients through all the different regulations that they need to comply with during the development of a project.

  • Avian and Bat Surveys and Protection Plans & Avian Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Monitoringā€”Construction, Wetlands, Vegetation, Wildlife
  • Federally Listed Threatened and Endangered Speciesā€”Presence/Absence Surveys, Habitat Surveys, USFWS Consultation (Sections 7 and 10), Habitat Conservation Plans
  • National Environmental Policy Act compliance and documentation
  • Permitting
  • Restorationā€”Vegetation, Soils, Wetlands
  • Wildlife Crossings
  • Wetlandsā€”Delineations, Mitigation, Banking, Monitoring

Please join us in observing Endangered Species Day in your own way. If you find yourself with some free time, consider listening to our latest Ulteig Energy and Infrastructure Podcast in which three experts discuss the impact of a new Biden Administration on infrastructure, environmental policies, and climate change.Ā 

  • Environmental Planning & Services


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