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Aldo Lopez, PE – Engineering a Positive Community Impact in Texas

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January 11, 2023

Aldo Lopez is a beacon of passion, expertise and joy at Ulteig.

Ulteig’s new Texas Market Leader joins the team with deep knowledge and experience working on hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) analysis. Aldo brings an impressive civil engineering background to Ulteig to help establish the firm as a competent partner in the Texas transportation market.

“In this role, I will work closely with the Water, Transportation, Structures and Traffic team and focus on business growth and development of the Texas market,” Aldo said. “In addition, I will continue to develop and foster positive partnerships with all our friends in the Texas industry to team up and work together.”

Aldo’s niche experience working on drainage design, including storm sewers, ditches and channels, round out Ulteig’s critical transportation services. With footholds in Texas, he is poised to assist Ulteig in being successful in one of the largest transportation systems in the world.

“My professional background is unique,” said Lopez. “I have been able to work with all disciplines from as early as Schematic/PER to Construction Close Out.”

Positively Impacting His Community

Since he started in September of 2022, Aldo has brought immense experience and leadership to drive Ulteig’s vision forward. His familiarity with the environment and Texas climate proves to be extremely beneficial, steering Ulteig in a strategic and growth-oriented direction.

“In Texas, we have big rain events that can cause floods. I have done very fast-paced projects all over Texas. I’ve done projects as small as half-boulevards and as big as a 96” storm sewer design for the Horseshoe Design Build Project WestMix in downtown Dallas that affects millions of people.”

Texas has seen an increase in extreme weather events in recent years, including significant winter storms and hurricanes. With Aldo leading the charge, Ulteig can be better prepared to assist with H&H design, infrastructure upgrades and projects that are resistant to these kinds of events.

Aldo is leveraging everyone’s abilities and strengths to propel Ulteig forward within Texas. He noted how strategically teaming up with members of the firm with their unique backgrounds and experiences can refine the team’s capabilities and services. By learning about the firm and the individuals who make up his team, Aldo says they can be set up to provide expertise in areas they may not even know yet.

Leading Through Collaboration

Aldo is intimately familiar with the necessity of collaboration to achieve project success, teaming up with interdisciplinary experts for H&H drainage and sewage projects around Texas. One of his favorite projects of all time was a Harris County Flood Control District Channel Rehab project because he was challenged and out of his comfort zone of storm sewer design.

Aldo had the opportunity to use all the skills learned by collaborating early with the Environmental Team to find out-of-the-box alternatives to improve the channel watershed floodplain. Another skill used was balancing total project cost versus removing structures from floodplains. Listening and understanding the client’s wants and needs and communicating what they can ultimately afford based on their budget is important for them to make the best decision.

Aldo has had the opportunity to partner with notable figures throughout the state, including city commissioners, leaders and more. He is eager to leverage those existing partnerships and, in his words, “Team up strategically, expand the Ulteig brand throughout the state, win work and grow the team. I like to win.”

He joins Ulteig with his former colleague, Jason Adams, to develop key strategies to assist the Texas transportation market. Aldo is excited to join what he describes as an innovative firm to strategically develop Texas infrastructure and deliver quality work for all types of projects throughout the state. To achieve this, he is focusing heavily on the people.

“It’s all about the people and all about the drive people bring,” Aldo said. “Engineering gets easier as you grow in your career but having the right group of team players makes work fun. The right team with the right skills leads to happy clients. I am a big believer in knowledge transfer.”

Weaving Passion Into a Career

Aldo is passionate about sharing ideas, learning from others and setting his team up for success in any way he can. He says his leadership philosophy comes down to treating everyone with respect, working to be as efficient as possible and having the hunger to learn something new every day.

Aldo brings this people-first perspective to everything he does. He values his four children above all, enjoying the time he spends with them at school events and outside work. His passion and care for his work is apparent in how he treats others and speaks about his experience and future goals. Aldo’s honest, friendly personality makes him a trustworthy leader and a welcomed addition to the Ulteig team. He is excited to grow and develop professionally with Ulteig and hopes to help his community throughout Texas in years to come.

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