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Asset Management Helps Organizations Mitigate Risks and Better Plan for Tomorrow

August 29, 2021

Do you understand the exact condition of your organizationā€™s physical assets?

Do you have a plan to reduce the risks that could impact your organizationā€™s assets?

Are you ready to move quickly in the event of new funding?

These questions, along with many others, are some that Ulteigā€™s Asset Management team can work together with clients to answer. Asset Management (AM) provides clients with strategies and resources to builds stronger, more resilient assets to withstand whatever the future may bring. Working across all Lifeline SectorsĀ® ā€“ Transportation, Power, Renewables and Water, AM team members leverage Ulteigā€™s 77+ years of experience and expertise in planning to help organizations better understand the condition of their physical assets and supplies them the tools and resources to manage those assets better.

The Asset Management Teamā€™s Capabilities Include:

Technology Evaluation: Ulteig works with clients to understand what tools and technology are used and matches clients with a customized solution based on specific priorities and goals.

Data Sharing & Integration: Ulteig leverages secure user-friendly web or mobile applications to provide clients with quick and easy access to information and to use as a data collection and decision support tool.

Analysis, Reporting & Planning: Ulteig gives clients customizable solutions to move their business forward and plan for the future at a pace that keeps up with challenging industry dynamics and evolves with business needs.

Asset Optimization: Ulteig offers solutions and insights to help clients improve infrastructure management and optimization, guide capital improvement investments, maximize assetsā€™ life cycles and improve key operation metrics.

Information Management & Insight Development: Ulteig builds a database of assets to capture and maintain information for daily operations and long-term planning, identifying defects and cataloging visual inspections, leading to reduced operations and maintenance costs.

Application Hosting, Development & Management: Ulteig works with clients to identify applications and data hosting solutions that will best fit client business needs.

Discovery & Assessment: Ulteig works with clients to evaluate existing data and systems and determine next steps that are aligned with business and industry needs.

The AM teamā€™s comprehensive approach involves a thorough evaluation and analysis of an organizationā€™s physical assets to not only spot problems and gaps, but to assess an organizationā€™s assets to determine how to best optimize them to create more value for an organizationā€™s stakeholders. With more knowledge and a clearer understanding, Ulteig can help an organization reduce or prevent foreseeable risks while enhancing an organizationā€™s flexibility to adapt to future changes.


Check out the Asset Management Roadmap video below.

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