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Connect to Your Data With SiteSense

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June 20, 2023

We are proud to roll out  SiteSense, our SCADA-based software, hardware and implementation solution for plant control and maintenance. SiteSense is an ideal solution in solar and energy storage plants.

With core features that enable easy access to project data and monitoring, SiteSense centralizes a control hub that can follow you wherever you go. The mobile-and desktop-friendly software enables users to review the status of their sites, inspect asset conditions, review facility performance and gather real-time and historical plant data in seconds.

By revamping our platform, we are further committing to the optimization of our client’s projects. We understand the necessity of ease of use and accessibility, which is why we designed SiteSense with key stakeholders in mind.

Built on Ignition, the platform can be developed and customized in-house to further improve the experience of operators who need to access and manage their projects quickly and easily.

SiteSense is cost-effective and scalable, giving you the opportunity to add unlimited users, clients, devices and sites as needed. This has proven to be impactful to clients of all sizes who are looking for ways to stay informed and connected while focusing on optimized operations.

With SiteSense, you can:

  • View historical tag data from a variety of providers, save and recall trends, add annotations and export to CSV.
  • Monitor KPIs including alarm summaries, meteorological data and device
  • Receive a full view of operational and key performance data in near-real

Optimize your renewable energy projects with a scalable, SCADA-based platform. Contact us to request a demo and we’ll work together to find customizable solutions for your next project.

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