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The Keys to Clean Energy Resilience

solar panels
January 31, 2023

With recent legislation leading the way to incentivize clean energy initiatives, developers and power producers are preparing to integrate increasingly cleaner energy into their supply and portfolios.

These initiatives don’t come without their own challenges, however. Engineers need to consider a few key factors when designing and building new infrastructure to meet modern clean energy initiatives, including:

‚óŹ Grid modernization
‚óŹ Increasing energy demand
‚óŹ Changing weather patterns
‚óŹ Financing

Chad Crabtree, PE, Ulteig’s Renewables Market Director, breaks down the keys to integrating resiliency into clean energy development. His key points focus on four main aspects:

‚óŹ Consider all stakeholders
‚óŹ Plan before you purchase
‚óŹ Design for the future
‚óŹ Learn from the past

When planning and collaboration become integrated at every stage of new development projects, such as with clean energy infrastructure, long-term success and grid resiliency can be achieved.

Read more in the Alt Energy Magazine article.

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