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Faces of Renewables – Celebrating American Clean Power Week

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August 15, 2022

American Clean Power Week, celebrated August 15th-19th, is here! A full week dedicated to showcasing the many ways clean energy contributes to a better future, this week’s theme is Building the Clean Energy Economy which highlights the economic and environmental benefits clean energy technologies bring to communities across America.

This week, we would like to recognize just a few faces on the Ulteig Renewables team as they reflect on what building the clean energy economy means. Learn more about each individual’s career passions in the renewables industry by clicking the link to each full employee spotlight below.

Randi Sue SurrattProject Management Supervisor

“Renewable projects bring valuable resources to areas that lack a catalyst to spur growth. These large renewable projects can inject new vitality and energy into local communities and create new income opportunities for local landowners.”

– Randi Sue Surratt, Project Management Supervisor

Read Randi Sue’s Full Spotlight Here

Zak Grabowski, PEEngineering Supervisor-Civil Renewables

“The reason I do what I do is that I believe in clean energy and trying to make things better for real people. You can see the country shifting. You can feel the momentum toward clean energy. When you see Microsoft and Amazon moving toward clean power sources, you know that there’s no stopping it.”

– Zak Grabowski, PE, Engineering Supervisor-Civil Renewables

Read Zak’s Full Spotlight Here

Cynthia ChristensenSenior Market Development Manager-Renewables

“I am blessed to have seen the Renewables industry grow from the original risk-taking frontiers, who plowed the field of early technologies and whose tenacity brought us to a mainstream industry with a validated technology for energy resource planning. I am excited to see a cleaner environment for my children and their children.”

– Cynthia Christensen, Senior Market Development Manager-Renewables

Read Cynthias’s Full Spotlight Here

Devin RadovichMarket Development Manager-Renewables

“The importance of renewables is paramount. The danger of climate change and global warming is out there. It’s real and it’s happening. I have seen the world change because of carbon emissions. We can’t wait for the next guy to fix it. By the time that one guy gets around to fixing it, it may be too late.”

– Devin Radovich, Market Development Manager-Renewables

Read Devin’s Full Spotlight Here

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