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How Ulteig Can Help You Comply with the July 1st Deadline with CAISO’s New Security Protocols

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January 30, 2024

What are the new security protocols and when do they take effect? 

Due to updated policies in California Independent System Operator Public Key Infrastructure (ISO PKI) , all participants in CAISO’s market are required to replace existing digital certificates (carrierVerizon) used for CAISO RIGs (Remote intelligent Gateway) with a new version of digital certificate (CarrierEntrust). A Digital certificate is a document that verifies the identity and authenticity of a user, computer, service, or device. CAISO uses these digital certificates to ensure that any data it receives is valid and from an authorized device. The new Entrust certificates offer higher levels of encryption and security than the old Verizon certificates. 

The deadline for replacing the certificates is July 1, 2024, rolling out in different phases depending on the type of the site. This applies to Remote Intelligent Gateways (RIGs) that transmit real time telemetry data from power plants and other resources to CAISO’s energy data acquisition system. If the certificates are not replaced by the deadline, the devices will lose connectivity to CAISO’s servers and the participants will risk non-compliance with CAISO’s rules and regulations. 

How can Ulteig help you with the certificate replacement process? 

Ulteig has extensive experience and expertise in working with CAISO and its systems, including the RIGs and compliances with digital certificates. We can help you with the certificate replacement process from start to finish, including: 

  • Submitting the appropriate documentation to CAISO to request a new certificate 
  • Coordinating the appropriate fieldwork appointments with CAISO 
  • Receiving and installing the new certificate on your RIG 
  • Testing and verifying the connectivity and functionality of your RIG with CAISO 
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance for your RIG and certificate 

By choosing Ulteig as your partner, you can ensure that your RIG is compliant with CAISO’s new security protocols and that your participation in CAISO’s market is uninterrupted and seamless. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with this important and time-sensitive project. 

Please contact Josh Wiczek, PE for more information. 

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