CAISO Metering and RIG Engineering Services

Powering Grid Integration Success

As a CAISO-approved Meter Inspection Company, Ulteig offers a total pathway to seamless integration for even the most complex metering schemes and Remote Intelligence Gateway (RIG) installations. Whether you’re embarking on a new CAISO interconnection, upgrading an existing resource or performing a Qualifying Facility (QF) conversion, our in-depth knowledge will help you keep up with any challenges your project faces — regulation changes, resource limitations and beyond.

Our services include:

  • Design and Integration
  • CAISO Authorized Inspector Services
  • RIG Facilitation
  • Meter Inspection and Maintenance

What We Do

Our CAISO Expertise

Ulteig’s experience as a CAISO-approved inspection company helps streamline processes when it comes to the design, execution and support of any new or existing metering or RIG installation.

icon of magnifying glass looking at a growing line chart

Design reviews to maximize revenue, meet CAISO tariff requirements and minimize risk

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Programming, installation and replacement for standard and complex RIG and meter schemes

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Equipment specification, purchasing, troubleshooting and repair; including RIG, Real Time Automation Controller (RTAC) and meters

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Additional services including Network Infrastructure Support, QF Conversions, Site Surveys and beyond

NRI Process Management

Ulteig has extensive experience in the CAISO New Resource Implementation (NRI) bucket process and requirements, helping make your projects as seamless as possible. We help simplify projects by:

  • Staying ahead of issues and pitfalls with expert project management
  • Consistently monitoring project progress and schedule status
  • Deliverable deadline management, review and submission
  • Handling stakeholder coordination and collaboration
  • Providing high-quality support as your project approaches key dates such as it’s Initial Synchronization Date and Commercial Operation Date (COD)