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Humanity Rising Partnership: Investing in the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders

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September 6, 2023

As part of the Community Partner Program (CPP), Ulteig partnered with Humanity Rising, a non-profit organization whose mission is to build the next generation of leaders and social innovators. Last fall, with the help of Humanity Rising, Ulteig put out the call to young people asking them to share with us how theyā€™ve dedicated their time to creating a sustainable future. The top applicants would receive a scholarship, paid internship or funding for a local project in their community.

After combing through dozens of incredible applications from young people across the country, four outstanding winners were awarded for their inspiring contributions and dedication to creating a sustainable future.

$2500 Scholarship Winner ā€“ Nethumi Ratnyake provided a rural school in Sri Lanka with clean drinking water and created a website to help children in need, ultimately ensuring that all 375 children at her local school were gifted reusable water bottles and bookmarks.

$1500 Scholarship Winner ā€“ Siera Lindsey has been an enthusiastic advocate for environmental engineering as she believes STEM and environmental conservation are critical for the survival and well-being of future generations. Despite her age, she has already begun science and engineering studies at Chicago State University.

Paid Internship Winner ā€“ Kaitlin Niebauer is the president of the Women in STEM club at her school and under her leadership has grown the group from five members to 30. Kaitlin completed her internship with one of Ulteigā€™s energy solutions teams this past summer.

$1,000 Innovation Award for Community Project Winner ā€“ Yair Melloul constructed a community garden at a local rehabilitation center for troubled teens so that residents would have a relaxing environment to destress, engage in therapy sessions and experience personal growth.

The Ulteig team was inspired by the remarkable achievements and dedication these winners, and all applicants, have to making a difference in their communities. We look forward to selecting the next round of Humanity Rising winners this fall!

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