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Leadership Moment: Kurt M. Kisch, Senior Manager – Survey

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October 19, 2022

Kurt M. Kisch, Senior Manager – Survey

“I have been working in the land surveying industry since 1985 and became licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in 1995. During that time, I have had the opportunity to work with a significant number of great people from all backgrounds in related industries. I have experience in land development for commercial, industrial and residential industries, as well as many divisions within the energy sector. I’ve been on teams for the construction of large-scale retail shopping centers and structures such as the Mall of America, as well as high rise business buildings in Minneapolis. In the more rural areas of the Midwest, I’ve had the opportunity to work on the development and construction of oil and natural gas pipelines as well as windfarms, substations and transmission line routes.”

Why are you passionate about what you do/why do you love what you do?

“I view it as a duty to use my knowledge and experiences to help in the delivery of reliable and safe projects for the public to use.

It takes teams of individuals with expertise in their respective disciplines to bring successful projects online – whether it be to provide the public with reliable energy sources, safe highways and roadways or orderly land developments within municipalities. Working with those team members and collaborating to bring successful projects to completion is energizing, as all the team members work towards the common goal.”

Why do you love working for Ulteig?

“Ulteig’s tagline is “We listen. We solve.” Every successful project, no matter the industry, requires openness and collaboration to achieve successful solutions. The Ulteig team has taken that approach to heart – and we practice it every day!”

Check out the video below or head to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL to hear Kurt talk about our Land Survey team and how Ulteig serves clients from the beginning of a project to completion.

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