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Nick Ingolfsland, CITO, Makes the Case for Internal Software Development

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June 26, 2023

When considering technology solutions in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), a crucial choice lies in deciding whether to develop them in-house, procure them externally or find a potential partner.

Ulteigā€™s Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Nick Ingolfsland, participated in a panel during Environmental Financial Consulting Groupā€™s (EFCG) 2023 Technology Leadership Conference on how organizations should decide between buying, building or partnering. The panel was moderated by Julie Hasiba, Managing Partner, EFCG and included Linda Lannen, Chief Information Officer, SWCA; Jason Bourg, Chief Information Officer, Aptim; and Frank Joanlanne, Digital Clients Solutions Director, Verdantas.

The panelists discussed how organizations in the AEC space can make the most thoughtful decisions focused on innovation and technology by considering various buy, build or partner options. Nick believes the most cost-effective and talent-focused solution is to train those with AEC expertise and automation skills who are already inside the organization with software development skills because AEC knowledge is imperative to successfully leverage technology.

You can read Nickā€™s full perspective in his recent Viewpoint in ENR FutureTech, ā€œMaking the Case for Internal Software Development.ā€

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