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PathFinder™ Core and PathFinder™ Enhanced: Tailoring Decision Intelligence to Your Utility Management Needs

April 29, 2024

Utilities face a broad array of challenges in managing infrastructure effectively. To address these needs, Ulteig has expanded the capabilities of its PathFinder™ software: PathFinder™ Core and PathFinder™ Enhanced. Both PathFinder™ Core and PathFinder™ Enhanced are tailored to support different utility management requirements, ensuring that every utility, regardless of size or complexity, can find a bias-free decision engine that aligns with its strategic goals.

PathFinder™ Core: Streamlined and Ready-to-Use

Our standard PathFinder™ offering is designed for utilities that require a robust, immediate solution for substation, grid and transmission asset management. It integrates eight decades of engineering expertise into a comprehensive decision engine that simplifies complex decision-making processes.

Key Features of PathFinder™

Leveraging 80 years of expertise across transmission, distribution, and substation assets, PathFinder™ offers a ready-to-use software solution with minimal setup.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: With over 80+ predefined criteria, it offers in-depth analysis of technology options, enabling decisions based on a holistic view.
  • User-friendly Interface: Allows easy creation of new evaluations and selection from a library of 41 applications, tailored to various technology needs.
  • Objective Prioritization: Facilitates unbiased comparison of technologies and investments, helping utilities confidently advance on the right projects.

PathFinder™ is ideal for organizations that require a standard approach across all units, smaller utilities, and those facing less complex regulatory environments. Choose PathFinder™ Core if your utility requires a straightforward, effective decision-making tool that can be quickly implemented to improve operational efficiency and grid management without the need for extensive customization.

PathFinder™ Enhanced: Customization for Complex Needs

PathFinder™ Enhanced extends the capabilities of the standard version by offering an adaptable framework that can be tailored to complex and specific management scenarios and operational decisions of utility companies.

Key Features of PathFinder™ Enhanced

Like our standard offering, PathFinder™ Enhanced offers an easy-to-use, time- and resource-saving tool, while offering additional features that lend more control to the user.

  • Customizable Framework: Adapts to unique utility requirements and challenges, reflecting specific operational, financial, and regulatory environments.
  • Enhanced Control and Flexibility: Users can weight evaluation criteria to align closely with strategic objectives.
  • Preview and Implementation Assurance: Features advanced preview capabilities to test and refine settings before sharing with key stakeholders.

PathFinder™ Enhanced is ideal for any organization needing to tailor tools to their specifications. Opt for PathFinder™ Enhanced if your utility operates in a complex regulatory environment, has a wide operational reach requiring localized adaptations, or if you foresee a need for ongoing adjustments to the decision-making framework due to evolving market conditions.

Utility Management Solutions for Every Need

Whether your utility needs a standardized approach or a customizable framework, Ulteig’s PathFinder™ provides the tools necessary to enhance decision intelligence across various utility management scenarios. PathFinder™ is designed to help utilities navigate the complexities of modern grid management, improve strategic planning and ultimately contribute to a more reliable and efficient power grid.

For further insight into whether PathFinder™ Core or PathFinder™ Enhanced best suits your needs, request a free demonstration or to learn more about their features, we encourage you to contact Ulteig today.

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