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Ulteig Launches PathFinder™, Demonstrates Commitment to Innovative Technology Solutions

January 30, 2024

Ulteig has announced the creation of PathFinder™, a software-based tool designed to help utilities make data-driven decisions about large-scale technology implementation specific to their needs. The announcement comes as Ulteig marks a new approach, providing utilities with software-based solutions to enhance their grid reliability and adapt to expanding federal mandates.

Doug Jaeger, President and CEO of Ulteig, said, “Investing in innovation and developing technology solutions like PathFinder is a prerequisite for designing the infrastructure solutions our clients need and our future demands.”

PathFinder leverages Ulteig’s decades of expertise to provide utilities with an objective way to evaluate substation and transmission technologies and define tailored solutions for their unique needs.

Nick Ingolfsland, Ulteig’s Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, added, “By putting our utility clients in the driver’s seat, tech evaluations that once took weeks can now be completed in hours.”

Ulteig has been providing professional services for 80 years and is committed to creating and solving for a sustainable future.

Read the full press release here. 

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