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The Unsung Heroes of North America’s Towns and Cities: Water Treatment Professionals

August 16, 2021

There are many reasons people come together to form a community, but one thing is constant from one town or city to the next: the need for clean water. Not just to drink or to shower with, but to fuel businesses, irrigate farms, and to create opportunities for play, such as a community pool.

When we wake up and turn on the faucet for a glass of water or to fill the coffee pot, we don’t think about the process and the people that ensure our water is safe to use. Bearing a special responsibility to their communities, water professionals dutifully ensure the system is working correctly – carefully treating, monitoring and testing the water – so we don’t have concerns about its quality.

In a new video, “A Drop of Respect: North America’s Water Treatment Professionals,” Ulteig takes a glimpse into the lives two water supervisors in northern Minnesota who are responsible for maintaining the water systems for two small towns, Winger, Minnesota, population 192 (2019), and Menahga, Minnesota, population 1,068 (2019). Although many towns and cities are experiencing a lack of funding for water infrastructure updates, these two towns were able to secure funding to update their water treatment facilities, giving their water supervisors better tools and resources to maintain the quality and safety of their towns’ water supplies.

At Ulteig, we’re proud to work with people like Ron Locken and Ron Yliniemi and hundreds of other water supervisors like them across the United States and Canada. With “A Drop of Respect: North America’s Water Treatment Professionals,” Ulteig salutes North America’s water treatment professionals upon which millions depend upon for safe, clean water.

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