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Jumbo Road

Designed wind farm 345-34.5kV substation and serviced twelve (12) 34.5kV feeders combined into six (6) feeder circuit breakers with space for additional two (2) total VAR support positions.

The two (2) 34.5kV buses were separated by a normal open MOD switch bus tie. Ā The 345kV portion of the station was a low-profile, open air design, consisting of one (1) 345kV line termination, three (3) 345kV group operated disconnect switches, two (2) 345kV SF6 power circuit breakers, three (3) 345kV capacitive voltage transformer, and two (2) 345-34.5kV main power transformers.

A prefabricated control enclosure housed the relay panels, digital fault recorder (DFR) panel, control equipment, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and communication equipment.

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