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Veteran’s Boulevard Substation and T-Line Upgrade

Minnkota Power Cooperative (MPC) partnered with Ulteig to design its new 115/25 kV substation and associated transmission line upgrade in West Fargo, North Dakota. The project involved adding a new substation to accommodate future transmission feed upgrades to 115 kV. Minnkota and Ulteig explored new materials and products for fencing and electrical materials. They also created multiple 3D renderings of the proposed project that were used for permitting and city approval of the project.

The Veteranā€™s Boulevard project is worthy of special recognition for going beyond the basic design for supplying power to customers. New construction materials and design methodologies were incorporated while the team innovated new ways to allow for system expansions and upgrades for years to come. The team also successfully reduced the impact on neighboring transmission and distribution lines, helping to minimize outages and costly system rework. Carefully incorporating the new design elements according to MPC and Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC) standards will reliably supply power to the greater Fargo community while avoiding issues with aesthetic impact and facilitating the inclusion of new commercial and residential development.

ā€œUlteig has continually met or exceeded all our expectations, and this project was no different,ā€ said a representative from Minnkota Power Cooperative who worked closely with us on the project. ā€œThe team was instrumental in helping us align our own design standards with the cityā€™s aesthetic requirements.ā€

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