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Western Wind

In 2016, Infinity contracted with Ulteig to provide construction monitoring services for the $450 million (approx.), 280 MW, Western Plains wind project. Infinity called upon Ulteig’s wind project expertise, honed across hundreds of renewable energy projects, to provide construction monitoring services from groundbreaking through final commissioning and project closeout. During those 11 months, the Ulteig/Infinity team played a major role in keeping things moving through several significant weather events and other delays due to permitting and material procurement. 

Ulteig observed and reported project safety and QA/QC issues, monitored activities, identified risks and provided schedule mitigation recommendations. They provided a central point of contact to Infinity’s team while monitoring all phases of construction. With daily onsite support, Ulteig also kept landowners apprised of potential property impacts due to unique land features discovered during construction. This ensured community satisfaction with the project.  

The end-result is a successful high-quality wind project that meets the expectations of all stakeholders involved. With energy production from the Western Plains wind project, the utility owner can now meet more than half the annual electricity needs of the homes, businesses and organizations it serves across Kansas with no emissions. 

The Western Plains 280 MW wind project in Ford County, Kansas began full operation on March 1, 2017. 

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