Bluemont Lakes Bike Path

The improvement project had been on the minds of the Association for quite some time, and in the winter of 2013, the board decided to proceed with the project. The two major goals of the project were to:

  • Improve the drainage in the park
  • Replace the failing bituminous path

The area had been drastically affected by wet weather cycle and the park was no different. The existing pathway was susceptible to moisture due to water pooling on, or adjacent to the path. In addition, when the original path was built, the bituminous pavement was placed directly on topsoil, which is great for growing grass, but not recommended to be under sidewalks, pathways or any other paved surface. Due to the excessive moisture and poor subgrade the pathway was deteriorating, and it was time for a complete reconstruction.

The constructability of the project was a challenge. The park/project is just over .5 miles long, with the only access points at each end, and homes surrounding the park on all sides. In addition, as with all parks, it is home to many beautiful mature trees. With all of these factors considered, low-impact construction methods were required. Skid steers hauled out the existing bike path and transported in gravel. Concrete was brought in by concrete buggies and skid steers making .25 mile trips each way.  These construction methods minimized the amount of disturbance to both the park and the residences adjacent to the park.

The drainage issues were fixed by adding drain tile along the pathway as well as in the existing low areas. Sump pumps will be reinstalled and the storm sewer at the discharge points will be repaired.  Upon completion, the bituminous path with no subgrade will be replaced by a concrete path with a gravel base, and drain tile installation and minor grading will be completed to improve the drainage in the park. During construction, the residents of the HOA stated that they were excited to once again venture along the .5 mile walk through the beautiful, quiet park.

The collection system design involved optimizing the route so as to provide the best possible option for both the client and landowners. The 345kV/34.5kV substation contained four feeders, and it was designed to owner standards. Ulteig also provided civil engineering services including access roads, crane access routes, crane pads, delivery flow plan, intersection improvements, laydown yard, substation side, and yard site design services.

A multi-commodity inbound/outbound railroad and trucking transload terminal owned and operated by NorthStar Transloading (NST) serving the Bakken oil region of North Dakota. It is an engineer/procure/construct (EPC) project by Strobel/Starostka Construction, with Merrick and Company performing shop drawing reviews for NST and Ulteig performing resident project representative functions (RPR) to assist in observing the progress and quality of the project.

Primary commodities handled

  • Crude oil
  • Proppant (man-made ceramic sand)
  • Sand


  • 400 acres
  • 2 miles long
  • 16 rail tracks (over 12 miles)


  • 5 103,000-barrel crude tanks
  • 12 tanker trucks able to offload at a time
  • 20 rail cars able to be loaded at a time
  • 1 unit train per day (109-120 cars per train)
  • 6 2,500-ton natural sand silos

Project challenges

  • Road reconstruction for added heavy traffic
  • Modifications to irrigation canals and drainage ditches running through project site
  • Multiple state, county, utility and private stakeholders

Future expansion capabilities

  • 20-mile oil pipeline from Alexander, N.D., for crude transfer
  • Interconnect pipelines
  • Add-on to the load barn for an additional 20 load arms
  • Additional natural sand facility
  • Additional rail tracks, warehouses, crude tanks

Client comment
“Merrick and Ulteig were retained by NST Transload Operating Company to review shop drawings and assist with onsite monitoring of construction activities in relation to NST’s greenfield East Fairview rail and truck transportation hub. The Ulteig and Merrick teams’ continued valuable contribution is expected to result in an on-time and on-budget delivery of this very fast-track project.”

  • Brian Jenson, COO of NorthStar Midstream