Integrate DER Solutions into Your Grid

Ulteig’s Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Management Services are a comprehensive suite designed to streamline and optimize the integration of DERs into the power grid.

Stay ahead of competitors and earn deeper loyalty from your customers by offering a holistic solution to their power needs.

Offer Solutions for Greater Demand for Renewable Energy

We provide turnkey solutions for Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), cooperatives and municipalities. These solutions can assist with meeting the surging demand for renewable energy connections and navigate the complexities of modern grid management efficiently.
As Your DER Partner, We Can Help With:
  • Responsiveness and providing tight timelines to customers, while providing information.
  • Application review and impact study.
  • Identifying innovative solutions for unexpected load and generation growth.

What We Do

We provide solutions that offer insights and empower partners to achieve more.

SiteSenseĀ® is a total SCADA-based hardware, software and implementation solution for utility-scale renewable energy sites, including solar, wind and energy storage plants.

PinPointā„¢ caters to the critical demands of the infrastructure engineering sector to effectively reduce project overruns and avoid obstacles.

Sector Changing Designs
We partnered to design the collection and transmission system for the largest clean energy infrastructure project in the US to date.

  • Design criteria development
  • Full structure analysis and design
  • Review of existing system and recommendations for system hardening
  • Review of outage data and design standards recommendations
  • Underground design
  • Strategic underground analysis and recommendations
  • Reliability driven system review and recommendations
  • Wildfire protection review and recommendations
  • GIS mapping
  • Power quality studies
  • Load flow studies
  • Volt/VAR compensation studies
  • Arc flash studies
  • Load and DER Interconnection studies
  • Protection Coordination studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Loss reduction studies
  • Hosting Capacity analysis
  • System forecasting and long-range planning studies
  • Improved Distribution Grid Controls
  • Increased Use of Automation Systems
    • Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS)
    • Advanced Grid Intelligence & Security (AGIS)
    • Integrated Volt/VAR Optimization (IVVO)
    • Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR)
  • Increased Visibility of Distribution Systems
    • Additional data points
    • Phasor measurement units
    • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • DER integration
    • Application reviews and processing
    • Process management and/or development
  • EV readiness
    • DC Fast Chargers
    • Fleet Electrification
    • Residential charging