Solar Services


Ulteig supports the development, performance and design of medium to large, grid-connected, solar electric projects including the C&I Distributed Generation and Utility scale markets. In addition to medium voltage collection systems, substation, SCADA, transmission, civil and GIS services, we also specialize in performance evaluation and plant design including DC collections and pile design.

Obtaining an accurate estimate of the energy your solar plant will produce is a critical step in negotiating a power purchase agreement, modeling your project’s economics and confirming revenues expected by project investors. While many firms can produce basic energy estimates using the industry standard PVSyst tool, Ulteig leverages the latest in research and meteorological resources, as well as proprietary resource modeling tools, to ensure site-specific precision.

Our turnkey solar offering includes services that address all stages of a project’s lifecycle, including:

What We Do

  • Permitting: State, County, Federal, Local agency, Township, Municipal, Environmental
  • Route selection: site research, site qualification, route planning
  • Acquisition: document preparation, legal descriptions, landowner negotiations, exhibits, damage settlements, land value analysis, appraisals, public information meetings, public presentation, special considerations form, W-9’s, communication records, recordation
  • Title research: courthouse research, deed and encumbrance procurement, tax information, plats, right-of-way maps, survey, section corner data, landowner database, aerial ownership map
  • Project management: resources, QA/QC, deliverables, project closeout
  • Relocation: residential, commercial
  • 3D site visualizations
  • High-resolution aerial mapping
  • LiDAR
  • Conventional topographic surveys
  • GIS
  • Geotechnical engineering management
  • System studies
  • Civil engineering design
  • PV array elevation plan
  • Collector substation engineering
  • Distribution engineering
  • Transmission line engineering
  • SCADA & controls engineering
  • Solar PV engineering
  • Owner’s engineer services
  • Material packaging
  • Procurement support
  • Permitting
  • Request for Proposal Support (RFP) management
  • Existing road studies and transportation analysis
  • Pre-construction environmental studies
  • Communications design and network integration
  • CAISO-compliant RIG and meter programming, installation and testing
  • Meteorological (Met) Station programming, installation, integration and testing
  • ECN connectivity via AT&T T1, ANIRA, or Dispersive Technologies Virtual Network
  • GPR studies and Telco isolation
  • Civil construction staking
  • PV equipment construction staking
  • Electrical construction staking
  • Construction management
  • Record drawing preparation
  • As-built ALTA surveys
  • Post-construction site monitoring
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Utility interconnection coordination
  • Module IR scanning
  • I-V curve testing
  • Performance verification
  • Construction/post-construction compliance monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring, mitigation and restoration
  • Operations manuals and procedures
  • Maintenance manuals and procedures
  • On-site operator training
  • Third-party monitoring system integration
  • Environmental monitoring

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