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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Veale, Shaping the Future of Transportation at Ulteig

April 16, 2024

Meet Michelle Veale, a key player in Ulteig’s transportation sector who brings her extensive knowledge and leadership to exciting new heights. As Principal Engineer, Michelleā€™s expertise and dedication have made a significant impact on the company’s growth and success in transportation projects, particularly with TxDOT.

Her role encompasses a wide array of responsibilities:

  • Serving as Project Manager for three schematic & environmental indefinite deliverable Work Authorizations.
  • Assisting the Texas Market Leader in client development within Texas.
  • Playing a crucial role in developing proposals for TxDOT.
  • Providing expertise on TxDOT contracting and invoicing processes.

Expanding Ulteig’s Presence in Texas

Michelle has been instrumental in growing Ulteig’s presence in the Texas market, a testament to her three years of dedicated effort. “I have worked hard over the last three years to get our presence known more here in Texas,” she says. A notable achievement includes securing a significant contract, the “$3M Bridge on/off ID contract with TxDOT,” which underscores her success in expanding the company’s footprint.

A Career Highlight at Ulteig

Reflecting on her time at Ulteig, Michelle notes, “Given that my background is in bridges, it has been both a challenge and highlight working on and managing schematic & environmental projects. The learning curve has been steep, but expanding my knowledge to encompass more than bridges has been exciting.”

Michelle describes how this experience has allowed her to understand more comprehensively the intricate process of transportation project development. “Working out of my comfort zone has given me a much broader perspective on what goes into developing transportation projects as a whole,” she adds.

Connecting Across Culture

One aspect of Ulteig’s culture that Michelle finds particularly exciting is our company’s commitment to cultural diversity and heritage. She finds it “amazing to work where there is an environment that fosters a judge-free neutral zone.” This dedication to learning about each other’s customs and traditions appeals to Michelle, as it allows employees to connect on a deeper level beyond professional accolades.

Driving the Transportation Sector Forward

Michelle Veale’s journey with Ulteig is a shining example of how expertise, when combined with a passion for learning and growth, can lead to groundbreaking work in the field of transportation engineering. Her forward-thinking approach and dedication to both project excellence and cultural understanding underscore what makes Ulteig a unique and vibrant place to work.

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