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We Partner With You for Successful Project Completion

An Owner’s Engineer (OE) serves as an invaluable extension of your team, guiding projects from inception to completion — or even stepping in for just one phase along the way. Our OEs are flexible and tailored to your needs, placing your interests at the heart of the project lifecycle.

Key responsibilities of Ulteig OEs can include:

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Phase 1:

Early-stage Development and Pre-construction Management

We assist in the early stage planning and development, providing insights into feasibility, cost estimation and risk assessment to ensure your projects get off to the right start.

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Phase 2:

Design and Construction Guidance

Our team guides you through all phases of design and construction, ensuring designs meet technical specifications, regulatory requirements and best practices for successful project outcomes.

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Phase 3:

Commissioning Assistance

We provide support during the commissioning stage, troubleshooting issues and ensuring systems are operational and performing as expected before handover.

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Phase 4:

Post-construction Performance and Environmental Monitoring

After project completion, we continue to provide support through performance monitoring and environmental assessments, ensuring your project remains compliant and operates at peak efficiency.
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Clients We Serve

• Renewables Developers – Owners/Operators
• IPP (Independent Power Producers/Providers)
• Renewables Contractors
• Cooperatives
• Public Power/Municipalities
• Investor Owned Utilities
• Departments of Transportation

Why Choose Ulteig?

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Experience and Expertise

Our OEs have extensive technical experience in the renewable energy industry and a deep understanding of project management.

Risk Management and Quality Assurance

We conduct thorough evaluations of designs and construction plans to identify potential issues and ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Community Support and Environmental Considerations

We assist in addressing community concerns, conducting impact studies and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Collaborative Descision-Making

We work closely with our clients to provide insights and technical expertise, empowering informed decision-making that aligns with project goals.

Project Oversight and Stakeholder Alignment

We serve as your representative and a central point of communication and coordination, ensuring smooth progress and alignment among stakeholders.

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With Owner’s Engineering, we advocate for your project as your representative, from start to finish. Ready to optimize your project outcomes? Contact Ulteig today.

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