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U.S. 52 Passing Lanes

Carrington, North Dakota ā€“

Heavy-duty truck traffic and agriculture equipment traffic has increased along U.S. 52, and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) has turned to Ulteig to design passing and turn lane improvements along the 36-mile stretch from Carrington to Fessenden to:

  • improve the flow of traffic;
  • increase efficiency for drivers;
  • reduce the hazard of slower-moving ag equipment;
  • stabilize transportation speeds;
  • and make the transportation route accessible and efficient for all vehicles by considering vehicle size and speed of traffic.

The first of five segments to be constructed in this multi-year project began with planning, environmental and field studies in June 2021, and was bid in May 2022. Our Environmental team performed on a tight timeline and secured a Documented Categorical Exclusion (CATEX) along with other surveys, delineations, reviews and assessments which evaluated both the current highway landscape and the effects of the proposed passing lanes project.

Construction was completed in 2022.

Head to the Knowledge Center to read the full scope of the project in our Knowledge Center here.Ā 

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