Hand County Sign Replacement

Hand County Sign Replacement

The South Dakota Department of Transportation hired Ulteig Engineers to administer and design the county-wide sign replacement project for Hand County. Below, Chad Stensland of Ulteig has provided a number of resources regarding this project. Please watch the video for a project overview, and feel free to read the accompanying documents. Please direct any questions or concerns to the contacts below.


Video presentation

During this presentation, Chad Stensland will walk you through everything you need to know about sign replacement in Hand County. We recommend you start here.

Hand County Information Manual

This manual contains the information included in the video, as well as copies of the slides in the Appendix.  This manual should be reviewed by the township and town representatives. Please contact us with any questions or clarifications.

Appendix A: South Dakota Codified Laws

Appendix A contains examples of the South Dakota Codified Laws we are required to follow.  The ones attached may not be current as of 2020, so please visit South Dakota Codified Laws to see an up-to-date list.  Please consult your local states attorney if you have any questions regarding these laws.

Appendix B: Sample Documents

Appendix B contains examples of the resolutions, meeting minutes and other documents that have been provided by other townships on previous projects.  These documents must accompany the marked-up township/town map to be returned to Ulteig so the design can be completed.

As indicated in the video and the Project Information Manual, the following items need documentation or they cannot be signed, and any existing signs will be removed and not replaced.  Those items include:

  • No Maintenance Roads
  • Minimum Maintenance Roads
  • Speed Zones
  • Closed Roads
  • Vacated Roads

This documentation is a requirement from the DOT and there can be no exception. Please consult your local state’s attorney with any questions regarding legal documentation. The examples provided are for reference only.  It is VERY important that this documentation be delivered to us in a timely manner along with the township/town map. Without this documentation, Ulteig cannot complete the project and submit to the DOT. This could delay bidding and extend the construction timeline for up to a year.

Appendix C: Kickoff Meeting Presentation

Appendix C includes the PDF slides from the YouTube video.

Appendix D: Project Document Checklist

Appendix D includes the project document checklist. This document should be filled out and returned with the township/town map. Not all items are applicable to both townships and towns. Put “N/A” on any item that does not apply.

Township & Town Maps

As part of the project, we created roadway maps of the townships and towns in the county that are participating in the program. Please mark up these maps to show what roadways are designated as No Maintenance, Minimum Maintenance, Vacated or Closed Roads. Speed Zones, Truck Routes and Maintenance Agreements along the borders of townships should also be marked. This map with mark-ups must be accompanied by resolutions, as outlined in the presentation and the information manual.

Examples of Completed Township Maps
Examples of Completed Town Maps

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Questions? Contact us!

Chad Stensland, PE, Project Manager

Corey Maynard, Project Engineer

Morgan Wrasper, Project Engineer