Collection System Cable Mitigation

May 1, 2021

Wind turbines get credit for generating clean energy, but wind power would never make it to the grid for widespread consumption if it weren’t for a healthy, functioning collection system.

When your collection system is operating at peak performance, it is business as usual. This system is effectively working to minimize losses and voltage drops.

But failures can occur at any time, and anywhere along the chain. The cause is typically tied to aging assets, extreme weather conditions, poor design or installation error. And the effects can be crippling. Having just part of your facility offline could result in significant downtime and revenue loss.

Don’t let faulty cables affect your wind facility’s power-generating capacity.

Ulteig leverages decades of experience, and top-notch expertise in collection system engineering and design, to diagnose and correct challenging collection cable issues. We cover everything from troubleshooting individual cable segments to performing comprehensive collection cable evaluations. Our engineering support and project reliability experts are happy to customize a solution that suits your specific needs.


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